“Users” become the weak link in cloud security, H3C full-stack and full-scenario strength escorts cloud security

On July 31, the 2022 Cloud Security Alliance CISO Summit Forum was held online. The white paper “Top Threats of Cloud Computing in 2022” jointly completed by New H3C Group, a subsidiary of Tsinghua Unigroup, and the Greater China Region of the Cloud Security Alliance, was a big hit at the forum. release.

Zheng Bin, an expert from CSA Greater China and a cloud security solution expert of H3C Group, combined with the content of the white paper, shared H3C’s advanced cloud security strategy and exploration practice. Han Xiaoping, vice president of research and development of H3C’s security product line, discussed the cloud security technology under big data with a number of experts and industry guests in the “Security Focus in the Era of Cloud and Big Data” roundtable forum.

Focus on the business itself

H3C builds full-stack and full-scenario cloud security capabilities

The top 11 categories of threats listed in the white paper highlight the most important types of cloud security issues in the current use of cloud computing: identity and access management, API security, misconfiguration and change control, and lack of cloud security architecture and policies. The security of the cloud has increased significantly, and cloud users have become a weak link in cloud security.

In his speech, Zheng Bin introduced that facing the current situation of cloud security under the new situation, H3C Group focuses on the iterative upgrade of capabilities for hybrid multi-cloud security scenarios. Launched a homogeneous hybrid cloud security solution, a heterogeneous hybrid cloud security solution, a zero-trust-based security SASE solution, and a multi-cloud security management solution, with tenant security quickly compliant, intra-cloud situation visibility, cloud security index assessment service CSPM, security Core features such as SecaaS as a service fully complement the security shortcomings of users on the cloud. Through a complete cloud security operation center, it provides cloud security SaaS services, cloud security operation and maintenance services for customers’ cloud and local information systems, as well as cloud intelligence centers, advanced threat hunting and detection capabilities based on AI technology and security expert seats. Improve the overall security protection level of the business.

Create a situational awareness security center

Big data empowers cloud security

When talking about the technical embodiment of big data in cloud security protection, Han Xiaoping said that by collecting massive log environment information, building a business security middle platform represented by situational awareness, and timely and effective detection of business risks will become a key factor in responding to cloud computing. important means of threat. This requires the perception technology to be upgraded according to the development situation of the new business. In addition to traditional data collection, it is also necessary to pay attention to entity information, entity world relationship information and changes in trends, and then evolve new perception technologies to eliminate false positives, prioritize non-false positive data, and realize inter-device intelligence. Collaboration and human collaboration continue to innovate, so as to realize the connection of data on and off the cloud and the sharing and sharing of industry experience.

Participated in the compilation of several cloud security standards

H3C is recognized by the industry for its continuous innovation

As a professional manufacturer in the field of cloud security, H3C has participated in the “2021 Government Cloud Network Security Compliance Guidelines”, “Cloud Computing Security Level Protection 2.0 Compliance Capability White Paper”, “2021 Cloud Security White Paper”, “SASE Technology” Drafting and formulation of multiple cloud security standards and white papers such as White Paper on Scenarios and Application Scenarios and White Paper on SASE Secure Access Service Edge. At the same time, H3C has also been selected as a typical recommended vendor in the Gartner Technology Hype Cycle Report, recommended by Gartner Toolkit, and a representative vendor list of Gartner Cloud Security Resource Pool by virtue of its excellent cloud security capabilities, and its cloud security capabilities have been recognized by the industry.

As a leader in digital solutions, H3C will continue to focus on the field of cloud security under the guidance of the “Cloud Intelligence Native” strategy, and build a new generation of security protection system with practical thinking, precise assurance and intelligent means , which provides full-stack and full-scenario cloud security protection for enterprises to migrate to the cloud.