Based on the global interest e-commerce “Douyin 618 Good Things Festival” to promote the intangible cultural heritage national tide good things

On June 1st, Douyin e-commerce launched the “Douyin 618 Good Things Festival”, based on the global interest e-commerce, helping the majority of merchants to resume production and improve efficiency, and boost business confidence; with the help of short videos, live broadcasts, shopping malls and other shopping scenarios to meet consumption the demand for quality shopping.

During the event, the platform will also launch a special area for the social value of “Keeping Arts and Intangible Cultural Heritage”. On the occasion of the “Cultural and Natural Heritage Day”, it will focus on promoting traditional handicrafts, time-honored food and national trendy goods to help the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage. It is reported that the “Douyin 618 Good Things Festival” will last for 18 days and end on the 18th.

Taking multiple measures to improve the efficiency of business operations and provide consumers with benefits

Affected by the epidemic situation in some areas, during the 618 period this year, Douyin e-commerce will launch multiple activities such as live broadcast rooms of good things, big promotion theme lists, industry special days, task competitions, etc. Improve the participation and business enthusiasm of merchants; and provide more subsidies for merchants through special support for key products, exclusive prices for newcomers, etc., to help them win more consumers at preferential prices, and then harvest new market increments.

In order to help farmers with agricultural products and businesses with industrial belts to improve their efficiency in a more targeted manner, the Douyin e-commerce “Mountain Goods on the Toutiao” agricultural assistance project will land in Hubei, and promote township businesses through online special areas, official live broadcast rooms, and shopping mall channels. Connect to the big national market; the Douyin e-commerce service provider team will select high-quality industrial belts from various places to create business cards of origin, and help regional industrial belts develop in an all-round way with the help of the topic of origin business card challenge and the recommendation officer of good goods in the origin.

It is reported that the platform has previously launched the “Merchants Resumption Escort Plan”, which has invested an additional 2.5 billion in traffic subsidies, over 200 million in consumer coupons, and launched measures such as loose account periods, exemptions from penalties, and assistance in contract performance to help businesses affected by the epidemic. During the 618 period, the plan will continue to advance, providing an additional guarantee for the resumption of work and production of enterprises in various places during the promotion period.

In this “Douyin 618 Good Things Festival”, Douyin e-commerce will also give full play to the characteristics of global interest e-commerce, relying on multiple scenarios such as shopping red envelopes in the live broadcast room, shopping mall spikes, and cross-store full reduction, to provide consumers with preferential benefits. During the period, consumers can regularly grab shopping red envelopes in the live broadcast room every day, and the shopping red envelopes stored during the event period can be accumulated and used by stacking coupons. In addition, the platform will effectively protect the rights and interests of consumers through services such as “safe purchase” and “price protection”.

Launched the “Shouyi Intangible Cultural Heritage” area to help cultural inheritance and sales of national trendy goods

In addition to promoting the recovery of business consumption with the help of the big promotion activities, Douyin e-commerce will also hold the “Intangible Cultural Heritage Shopping Festival”, and during the 618 period, a special social value area of ​​”Keeping Arts and Intangible Cultural Heritage” will be launched, and with the support of the “Seeing the Craftsmanship Program”, it will continue to promote Intangible cultural heritage products help craftsmen develop and realize, and let intangible cultural heritage enter thousands of households.

It is reported that the “Intangible Cultural Heritage Shopping Festival” Douyin e-commerce “Keeping Arts and Intangible Cultural Heritage” special session is jointly supported by the Intangible Cultural Heritage Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and relevant departments. Handicrafts, time-honored products and national fashion items.

A number of ingenuity masters will show traditional handicraft skills through short videos and live broadcasts, so that consumers can understand the intangible cultural heritage skills behind the products. Sun Yaqing, the representative inheritor of national-level fan-making skills, has been dealing with hand-made fans for a lifetime. On the thin fan surface, tens of thousands of small holes of different shapes are pulled out with steel wires to form an exquisite hollow pattern suitable for virtual and real; intangible cultural heritage Li Tinghuai, the inheritor of Ru porcelain firing skills, has been focusing on the creation and inheritance of porcelain for decades. He has restored the egg blue glaze firing skills 800 years ago, and constantly promotes the knowledge of Ru porcelain in innovation. , from the behind the scenes of Zhuoyu to the front of the live broadcast room, and follow the path to the netizens about the uniqueness and beauty of each piece of jade.

With the help of global interest e-commerce, time-honored brands that have accumulated over time have connected to more consumers and expanded the consumer market through inheritance and innovation. Time-honored food brands such as Wufangzhai, Zhiweiguan, Guifaxiang, Wangzhihe, Liubiju, Xinghualou, etc. will all appear in the “Shouyi Intangible Cultural Heritage” area. historical background. In addition, Hanfu, Suzhou embroidery, hand-carved leather bags and other national fashion items will also be highlighted in this area.

Wei Wenwen, president of Douyin e-commerce, said that in the process of interest in the rapid development of e-commerce, in addition to creating business value, the platform also attaches great importance to the social value created by multiple parties behind every “buy” and “sell” transaction. Let these values ​​serve social development. With the help of this 618 event, the platform will take practical measures to provide guarantees for merchants and consumers, help the sales of good prices and good products, and promote the recovery of business and consumption. (Liu Yue)